Art Heist Films

Art Heist (2004)

William Baldwin
Ellen Pompeo

When a very valuable painting is stolen in a daring robbery of a Spanish gallery, a New York-based art expert Sandra Walker is called in to help track down the thieves. Sandra is a single mother following her divorce from Bruce, an NYPD detective, and Sandra persuades Bruce to look after their daughter while she’s away. As the case drags on, Bruce begins to have his doubts about Sandra’s well being, especially after he learns that she’s working side by side with fellow art authority Daniel, who was once his rival for her affections. When several people connected to the case turn up dead, Bruce flies to Spain to look after Sandra and help with the investigation, but it’s not long before he finds himself involved in more danger than he ever suspected.

Artworks (2002)

Virginia Madsen
Rick Rossovich

A romance between a home-security saleswoman and a scheming art-gallery owner leads to a diabolical art theft scheme in this romantic crime drama. Emma knows a thing or two about home security and rightly so given that she’s the police chief’s daughter. When Emma makes the acquaintance of local art-gallery owner Bret, the pair discover that their passion for each other is only exceeded by their love of art. As the thrill-seeking pair hatch a foolproof scheme to steal the paintings from Emma’s unappreciative clients, their plan quickly unravels leading them to wonder if their lofty dreams are truly worth the price they may have to pay if caught in the act.

Back in the USSR (1991)

Frank Whaley
Natalya Negoda
Roman Polanski
Andrew Divoff
Dey Young

In this first American film to be shot entirely in Moscow, young vacationing American Archer Sloan gets involved in the theft of a rare religious icon. The “hot-potatoed” icon lands in Sloan’s possession and one of the underworld bad guys involved in the theft is murdered. Sloan becomes a suspect and is forced into fleeing the Moscow police while trying to locate the people who can vindicate him.

Besame Mucho (2000)

Carmel Betto
Eli Danker
Ezra Kafri

Set mainly at night in Tel Aviv, the film revolves around a group of characters who are all loosely connected to the theft of a Christian icon from an international crime organization.

Carried Away (1998)

Christian Ryser
Susan Tate
Matt Riedy

Set in at a Seattle art museum, impulsive loser Les Martin sits and admires a Vermeer painting — to such a degree that he rips it off the wall and steals it, telling his estranged wife Ray that he found it in a yard sale. When the media mistakenly interprets the theft as an act of a terrorist group, Les rises to the occasion by writing a manifesto. Continuing to paint himself into a corner and also developing paranoid notions, Les kicks Ray out of the house. Meanwhile, his friend artist Plastic Man has an eye on the painting.

Detonator II: Night Watch (1995)

Pierce Brosnan
Alexandra Paul
William Devane
Martin Schraeder
Lim Kay-siu

Some high-tech agents are dispatched to retrieve a famous painting in this spy thriller. Mike Graham, an investigator who, along with his partner Sabrina is assigned to track down a stolen painting known as “The Night Watch”. The film’s exotic locations were shot in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

Double Trouble (2012)

Jaycee Chan
Xia You

A Beijing security guard and a Taipei security guard join forces to apprehend the international art thieves responsible for stealing a priceless Chinese painting.

Entrapment (1999)

Sean Connery
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Following the theft of a highly-secured piece of artwork, an agent convinces her insurance agency employers to allow her to wriggle into the company of an aging but active master thief. The burglar takes her on suspiciously and demands rigorous training before their first job together–stealing a highly-valued mask from a chichi party. Their deepening attraction and distrust could tear apart their partnership but the promise of a bigger prize (some eight billion odd dollars) keeps the game interesting.

Fakers (2003)

Matthew Rhys
Kate Ashfield
Tom Chambers

Nick Blake owes smooth-operating crime lord Foster Wright a sizable debt, and if he doesn’t cough up the cash in four days the situation promises to turn nasty. Nick believes that he has found a solution to his problem when he discovers a lost sketch by revered Italian artist Antonio Fraccini. Nick’s plan hits a hitch, however, when he discovers that the sketch is only worth £15,000. Now, with the clock ticking down and mere hours to go before Art sends his thugs out to collect, desperate Nick will enlist the aid of his cynical friend Eve and her talented artist brother Tony in forging the sketch and selling copies to five different Mayfair galleries in the short span of one hour. Should Tony and his partners in crime successfully execute their carefully planned ruse, the galleries won’t even realize they’ve been swindled until it’s too late.

Framed (1990)

Jeff Goldblum
Kristin Scott Thomas
Todd Graff

Wiley is a talented but somewhat naïve art forger. Wiley’s big chance to score a con is cleverly foiled by another scam artist, Kate. Eager for revenge, Wiley seeks out Kate for a showdown; instead, the two become partners in crime.

Gambit (1966)

Shirley MacLaine
Michael Caine
Herbert Lom

Cockney cat burglar Harry Dean needs Hong Kong dancer Nicole Chang’s help to pull off the perfect heist. With a simple makeover and a new wardrobe, Nicole’s resemblance to wealthy recluse Mr. Shahbandar’s late wife is uncanny. While Shahbandar is distracted by the mesmerizing Nicole, Harry takes steps to swipe a priceless artifact from under the tycoon’s nose. But even the most foolproof schemes have a way of backfiring.

Gambit (2013)

Colin Firth
Cameron Diaz
Alan Rickman
Tom Courtenay
Stanley Tucci

A remake of the 1966 crime caper. A British thief discovers that no plan is infallible when he recruits a beautiful woman to help him steal a priceless statue from an impossibly wealthy widower. Despite the fact that his pretty accomplice bears an uncanny resemblance to his affluent target’s late wife, things quickly spin out of control once the job gets under way.

Golden Madonna, The (1949)

Phyllis Calvert
Michael Rennie
Tulio Carminatti
David Greene

An American girl inherits an Italian villa. Part of the legacy is “The Golden Madonna,” a valuable religious painting. When the painting is stolen, she enlists the aid of English tourist in tracking down the thieves.

Good Thief, The (2003)

Nick Nolte
Nutsa Kukhianidze
Tcheky Karyo
Said Taghmaoui
Gerard Darmon
Ralph Fiennes
Emir Kusturica

Set against the glitzy backdrop of the French Riviera, aging gambler Bob Montagnet is about to gamble it all on the casino heist of a lifetime; a spectacular sleight of hand–two heists, one real, one not, but which is which? Under the watchful eye of Roger, a policeman who would as soon save his longtime opponent as arrest him, Montagnet assembles a team that consists of partners Paulo and Raoul, technical mastermind Vladimir, former-drug-dealer-turned-informant Said, Anne, a young Eastern girl Montagnet rescued from prostitution, and the perfect complement to a double theft–identical twins Albert and Bertram.

Headhunters (2011)

Aksel Hennie
Synnova Macody Lund
Kikolaj Coster-Waldau
Eivind Sander

Roger Brown makes his living as a corporate recruiter, finding talented people who work for other companies and making them lucrative offers to join the firm currently signing his paychecks. Roger’s work brings with it a handsome salary, but he suffers crushing insecurity when it comes to his beautiful wife Diana, and he constantly showers her with expensive gifts in hopes of staying on her good side. Between Diana’s expectations and the equally expensive tastes of Roger’s mistress Lotte, Roger needs cash, so he’s taken on a high-paying second job — stealing rare works of art. Roger is just good enough and smart enough to know that he’ll get caught eventually, and when he learns of a man with an authentic Rubens, he hopes to make one last score that will keep him well-set for a long time. But Roger soon finds out there’s a catch — the man with the painting is also someone he’s supposed to recruit for a client, and he’s clearly a few steps ahead of Roger

Hitler’s Museum: The Secret History of Art Theft During World War II (2006)

One and a half years before the begin of the Second World War during the annexation of Austria in March of 1938, Hitler conceived the megalomaniac idea of creating the largest European art center in his home town of Linz. At the beginning of the war on the 1st of September 1939, not only did his armies advance but also his art thieves began to fan out in their great foray of art plundering; an expedition on a previously unheard of scale began. Not only did the task forces of diverse National Socialist organizations pillage the occupied countries; Nazi bigwigs like Goering also took whatever they felt was valuable.  This documentary relates the long and eventful journey of an exceptional masterpiece of European art: the Ghent Altar, created by van Eyck, which for the Belgian people represents a national shrine. No other stolen European work of art was brought to so many places and passed through so many hands. The Ghent Altar represents a case study in the history of the art pillaging that went on during the Second World War.

Hot Rock, The (1972)

Robert Redford
George Segal
Ron Leibman
Paul Sand
Moses Gunn
Charlotte Rae

John Archibald Dortmunder, a former jewel thief is just released from prison. His brother-in-law, Andrew Kelp, recruits him to steal a diamond from a museum. They are hired by Dr. Amusa, an ambassador from Central Fatawi, whose people consider the stone to be sacred. John and Andrew assemble a team with Alan Greenberg and Stan Murch, They successfully pull off the job until the guards arrest them and Alan swallows the diamond. Alan’s father helps him break out of jail, which leads to a series of other heist attempts.

How to Steal a Million (1966)

Audrey Hepburn
Peter O’Toole
Eli Wallach
Hugh Griffith
Charles Boyer

Nicole’s father, a legendary art collector, lends his prized Cellini Venus to a prestigious Paris museum. Unfortunately, the Venus was not sculpted by Cellini but by Nicole’s grandfather. (Her father is a forger as well, but his specialty is paintings.) Before tests can be done which would prove the Venus a fake, Nicole enlists the services of “society burglar” Simon Demott to steal the statue from the museum and save her father’s reputation.

Hudson Hawk (1991)

Bruce Willis
Danny Aiello
Andie MacDowell
Sandra Bernhard
Richard E. Grant
James Coburn

The story begins in a pre-credit sequence that takes place in the renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci is rushing through his Mona Lisa painting to work on his latest invention — a machine to turn lead into bronze. But Da Vinci makes a mistake and, instead of bronze, the machine turns the lead into gold. Realizing the danger of his invention if the contraption gets into the wrong hands, he hides three parts of the apparatus inside three of his other works. Four hundred years later, Hudson Hawk, the world’s greatest cat burglar, is being released from jail after pulling a ten-year stretch. He wants to retire from the profession of cat burglary and drink some cappuccino, but two screwball billionaires — Darwin and Minerva Mayflower won’t let him. Their nefarious plot is to steal the three Da Vinci works, restore Da Vinci’s gold-making machine, and destroy the world’s monetary system. Along with the power-mad billionaires, Hawks has to deal with the CIA, in the person of George Kaplan breathing down his neck. He also has Vatican art restorer Anna Baragli falling for his smirk.

Incognito (1997)

Jason Patric
Irene Jacob
Thomas Lockyer
Ian Richardson

Harry Donovan is an art forger who paints fake Rembrandt picture for $500,000. The girl he meets and gets into bed with in Paris, Marieke, turns out to be an arts expert Harry’s clients are using to check the counterfeit picture he painted.

Italian Job, The (1969)

Michael Caine
Noel Coward
Benny Hill

Charlies’ got a ‘Job’ to do. Having just left prison, he finds one of friends has attempted a high risk job in Italy, right under the nose of the Mafia. Charlie’s friend doesn’t get very far, so Charlie takes over the ‘Job’. Using three Mini Coopers, a couple of jaguars and a bus, he hopes to bring Torino to a standstill, steal the Gold and escape.

Italian Job, The (2003)

Mark Wahlberg
Charlize Theron
Edward Norton
Seth Green
Jason Statham

A re-make of the 1969 version. A gang of robbers, lead by career criminal Charlie Croker, create the largest traffic jam in Los Angeles history, giving them time to pull off a theft. They get away in their Mini Coopers, which are small enough to drive on sidewalks so they can make a clean get away before the traffic jam clears.

Just Business (2007)

Gina Gershon
Earl Pastko
John Robinson
Jonathan Watton

When recently retired cat burglar Elizar Perla vanishes after emerging from the shadows for one last score, his concerned daughter Marty begrudgingly agrees to assist the art collector whom her father had stolen from to recover his priceless artwork. Elizar has just proven that he still has what it takes to play the old game by taking art collector David Gray for all he’s worth, but immediately after completing the job, the legendary yegg simply disappears into the dark. Marty is understandably distraught by this strange development, though Gray suggest that Elizar will likely return to his daughter as soon as the stolen artwork is recovered. But while Marty reluctantly agrees to help Gray find the missing valuables, she’s about to discover that some stolen pieces possess a value that can’t be measured in currency.

Light Touch, The (1951)

Stewart Granger
Pier Angeli
George Sanders

The title refers to the nimble-fingered technique utilized by art thief Sam Conride. Sam is a cog in the wheel of the operation controlled by illegal art peddler Felix Guignol. Anna Vasarri, a young painter who’d like to reform Sam but who is unavoidably sucked into the illicit activities orchestrated by Guignol. Sam endangers Anna’s life as well as his own when he masterminds a solo theft, intending to leave Guignol in the lurch. An unexpected jolt of religiosity forces Sam to mend his ways, much to Anna’s relief.

Maiden Heist, The (2009)

Morgan Freeman
Christopher Walken
William H. Macy
Marcia Gay Harden

Three middle-age guards learn that their museum has sold a wing of art to a Danish museum. Each has a favorite in that collection, and none can imagine life without the peace and completion it brings. Though mere acquaintances, they plot a theft of the three pieces between the time they are packed and the time they’re loaded onto a plane. First each must obtain a forgery; then, they have to smuggle the forgeries into the museum and find a way to make the switches. The heist is complicated by Roger’s intrusive wife – he’s promised her a trip to Florida for their anniversary – and George’s proclivity for taking his clothes off when standing in front of the warrior statue he loves.

Maltese Falcon, The (1941)

Humphrey Bogart
Mary Astor
Peter Lorre
Sydney Greenstreet

Spade and Archer is the name of a San Francisco detective agency. That’s for Sam Spade and Miles Archer. The two men are partners, but Sam doesn’t like Miles much. A knockout, who goes by the name of Miss Wanderly, walks into their office; and by that night everything’s changed. Miles is dead. And so is a man named Floyd Thursby. It seems Miss Wanderly is surrounded by dangerous men. There’s Joel Cairo, who uses gardenia-scented calling cards. There’s Kasper Gutman, with his enormous girth and feigned civility. Her only hope of protection comes from Sam, who is suspected by the police of one or the other murder. More murders are yet to come, and it will all be because of these dangerous men — and their lust for a statuette of a bird: the Maltese Falcon.

Missing Piece (2012)

The story begins in 1976, when Trivial Pursuit champion Joe Medeiros turned up a shocking piece of information that had theretofore escaped his attention. He learned that in 1911, an Italian housepainter named Vincenzo Peruggia grew convinced that Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa needed to be pilfered from the Louvre in Paris and returned to its “rightful owners,” the Italians. Astonishingly, Peruggia then succeeded at lifting the painting from the museum, and held it in his Parisian one-room apartment for well over two years. He was never caught — until he attempted to return the painting to Florence via an Italian art dealer — which drew the attention of the authorities and led to Peruggia’s apprehension. This documentary chronicles Medeiros’  own 34-year quest to piece together the details surrounding the theft. As such, it includes an interview with the thief’s 84-year-old daughter, Celestina Peruggia, whom Medeiros approaches in an effort to ascertain the reasons for Vincenzo’s radical act.

The Monuments Men, The (2013)

George Clooney
Matt Damon
Bull Murray
Cate Blanchett
Jean Dujardin
Hugh Bonneville
Bob Balaban

Based on the true story of the seven art historians and museum curators who went behind enemy lines during World War II on a mission to recover some of the world’s greatest works of art. As the Third Reich begins to topple, the German army receives explicit orders to destroy every work of art in their possession. Determined to prevent 1000 years of culture from going up in flames, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt assembles an unlikely task force comprised entirely of art experts to enter Germany, recover the works of art, and ensure they are returned to their rightful owners.

My Mom’s New Boyfriend (2008)

Meg Ryan
Antonio Banderas
Colin Hanks
Selma Blair
Keith David

Henry is a young FBI agent. During a three-year absence from his home in Shreveport, his mother Marty loses more than 100 pounds, looks great, and to Henry’s embarrassment, has become a party animal. Within a day of Henry’s returning home with his fiancée, Emily, who’s an FBI profiler, Marty meets Tommy, a suave foreigner. He’s posing as a consultant, but he’s an international art thief, in town to steal “Mother and Son,” a Bernini sculpture. Henry is detailed to head a team keeping his mom’s new boyfriend under surveillance. Love, law enforcement, and filial devotion are set to collide.

Na Krasnom Modrom Dunaji (1995)

Juraj Johanides
Maros Kramar
Vlado Hujdu

This Slovak black-comedy chronicles the misadventures of three anti-heroes who would be art thieves. Their leader is Maros, a womanizer. The other two are Juraj, and Ady, the nerd. Together they create an elaborate plane to steal an Andy Warhol painting. While they await their payment, they embark upon a search for the Russian Mafioso behind the deal.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t (1967)

Jayne Meadows
Jonathan Winters
Steve Allen

An art expert engaged by an insurance company and assigned to protect a valuable Rembrandt, on loan from the Louvre to a major New York gallery. The Rembrandt disappears and passes through several hands before the art expert can save the day.

Object of Beauty (1991)

John Malkovich
Andie macDowell
Lolita Davidovich

An American couple, Jake and Tina, are staying at a chic London hotel. Their pride doesn’t permit them to recognize that they are broke, and a hotel staff so brimming with proper British reserve that they can’t inform the American freeloaders they need to be paid. Jake’s cocoa deal in a Third World County is stalled by revolutionary upheaval. Their plight is so dire they walk up the stairs to their luxurious suite rather than take the elevator and risk encountering the hotel manager. Hitting rock bottom, they take stock of their assets and find one — a $50,000 Henry Moore bust. They decide to fabricate a robbery and collect the insurance money, but a deaf maid has fallen in love with the bust and stolen it herself.

On a Vole la Cuisse de Jupiter (Jupiter’s Thigh) (1980)

Philippe Noiret
Catherine Alric
Francis Perrin

Antoine, a professor of Greek, and Lise, a police inspector, honeymoon in Greece. There they meet a young couple, Charles, an archaeologist, and Agnes, a flirt. Charles unearths the lovely buttocks of a classical statue and is determined to donate it to the Louvre. Agnes wants to sell it and gets a handsome local sailor to take it for an appraisal. When the sailor is murdered, the police suspect Charles and arrest Antoine as his accomplice. Lise swings into action, but before she can clear the men, Agnes springs them from jail, and now Lise must help them elude the police, find the real murderer, and recover the statue fragment.

Once a Thief (1991)

Chow Yun-Fat
Leslie Cheung
Cherie Chung

Stylish caper thriller, shot primarily throughout Europe, is centered on a trio of orphans who have grown to be international art thieves. When their foster father, a powerful crime boss, forces them into stealing a painting, they pull off the job but are double-crossed. To get even, the trio plans a heist to steal the painting back.

Portrait of Wally (2012)

Filmmaker  Andrew Shea, explores the subject of Nazi art seizure during the Holocaust through the strange case of Egon Schiele’s 1912 painting “Portrait of Wally,” which was stolen from Viennese gallery owner Lea Bondi in 1939, and later resurfaced in Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art in 1997. Originally painted by Schiele as a gesture of affection toward his young mistress Walburga (“Wally”) Neuzil, the portrait was long thought to be lost after it was stolen by Hitler’s henchmen. When it reappeared in New York City nearly six decades later, the Manhattan District Attorney, the U.S. government, and Bondi’s descendants launched a landmark legal battle against a top Austrian museum.

Rape of Europa (2007)

The film takes viewers on a journey through seven countries telling a story of greed and warfare that threatened the artistic heritage of Europe. For twelve years, the Nazis looted and destroyed art. Young art historians and curators from America and across Europe fought back, mounting a campaign to rescue and return countless art works displaced by the war. Joan Allen narrates this chronicle about the battle over centuries of western culture.

Red Violin, The (1998)

Samuel L. Jackson
Greta Scacchi
John McKellar
Carlo Cecchi
Irene Grazioli
Jean-Luc Bideau
Christoph Koncz
Sylvia Chang

In present day Montreal, a famous Nicolo Bussotti violin, known as “the red violin,” is being auctioned off. During the auction, we flash back to the creation of the violin in 17th century Italy, and follow the violin as it makes its way through an 18th century Austrian monastery, a violinist in 19th century Oxford, China during the Cultural Revolution, and back to Montreal, where a collector tries to establish the identity and the secrets of “the red violin.”

Score, The (2001)

Robert De Niro
Eadward Norton
Marlon Brando
Angela Bessett

Nick Wells, a professional criminal, decides to leave the business for good, since he nearly got caught on his last job. His plan is to live in peace with his girl Diane, running his Montreal jazz club. Soon afterward, Max, his good friend and financial partner, comes along with an offer Nick can’t refuse: A historical and priceless French scepter has been discovered while being smuggled into the country. It is now under massive surveillance in the Montreal Customs House, and soon to be returned to France. Nick has to team up with Max’s man inside, the young, talented and aggressive thief Jack Teller to get the precious item.

Stealing Rembrandt (2003)

Lars Brygmann
Jakob Cedergren
Nicolas Bro
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Four small-time criminals led by the seasoned, but realistic Mick, unite in a plot to steal a painting from a museum for a businessman who has emotional ties to it. By accident they steal the wrong painting and find themselves with an original Rembrandt worth millions. They eye a getaway from their everyday worries and debts, but instead their problems are only multiplied.

Stolen (2005)

In 1990, in the early morning hours after St. Patrick’s Day, thieves disguised as policemen gained access into Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and successfully executed the largest art heist in modern history. Stolen brings the audience on a journey to understand not just a crime, but also the nature of beauty itself–its fragility and its power. The documentary is narrated by Blythe Danner and Campbell Scott.

Stariki Razboiniki (1971)

Yuri Nikulin
Yevgeni Yevstigneyev
Olga Aroseva
Andrei Mironov

An old detective does not want to retire. The only way out is to prove to his boss that he still can catch criminals. The problem is that there were no crimes recently to work on. Together with his retired friend he decides to commit a perfect crime himself and then quickly solve it, thus proving his vigor and irreplaceability.  The crime is the theft of a valuable work of art from a major Russian museum.

Thomas Crown Affair, The (1999)

Pierce Brosnan
Rene Russo
Denis Leary
Ben Gazzara
Frankie R. Faison

Self-made billionaire Thomas Crown is bored of being able to buy everything he desires. Being irresistible to women, he also does not feel any challenge in that area. But there are a few things even he can’t get, therefore Thomas Crown has a seldom hobby: He steals priceless masterpieces of Art. After the theft of a famous painting by Claude Monet, the only person suspecting Thomas Crown is Catherine Banning. Her job is to get the picture back, no matter how she accomplishes her mission. Unfortunately, Catherine gets involved too deeply with Thomas to keep a professional distance to the case. Fortunately, Thomas seems to fall for her, too.

Topkapi (1964)

Melina Mercouri
Peter Ustinov
Maximilian Schell
Robert Morley

A small-time con-man with passport problems gets mixed up with a gang of world-class jewelry thieves plotting to rob the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. Turkish intelligence, suspecting arms smuggling, gets involved, and under pressure the con-man rises to heights he’d never dreamed of.

Train, The (1964)

As the Allied forces approach Paris in August 1944, German Colonel Von Waldheim is desperate to take all of France’s greatest paintings to Germany. He manages to secure a train to transport the valuable art works even as the chaos of retreat descends upon them. The French resistance however wants to stop them from stealing their national treasures but have received orders from London that they are not to be destroyed. The stationmaster, Labiche, is tasked with scheduling the train and making it all happen smoothly, but he is also part of a dwindling group of resistance fighters tasked with preventing the theft. He and others stage an elaborate ruse to keep the train from ever leaving French territory.

Trance (2013)

James McAvoy – Simon
Vincent Cassel – Franck
Rosario Dawson – Elizabeth
Matt Cross – Dominic
Wanad Sheikh – Riz
Danny Sapani – Nate

Prominent art auctioneer Simon dealing with brain damage after he teams with crime boss Franck to steal a Goya from an auction, then tries unsuccessfully to double-cross his fierce accomplice. In response, Franck knocks Simon unconscious with a vicious blow to the skull, wiping out any memory concerning the whereabouts of the prized painting. When Simon claims to have no recollection of where he hid the stolen masterpiece, Franck and his crew grudgingly agree to let talented hypnotherapist Elizabeth try and pinpoint its location. Now, the deeper Elizabeth probes into Simon’s subconscious, the more complex the mystery seems to grow.

Two If By Sea (1996)

Danis Leary
Sandra Billock
Stephen Dillane
Yaphet Kotto
Wayne Robson

Frank O’Brien, a petty thief, and his 7-year-long girlfriend Roz want to put an end to their unsteady lifestyle and just do that last job, which involves stealing a valuable painting. Frank takes Roz to an island on the coast of New England, where he wants to sell the painting and also hopes that their sagging relationship will get a positive push back up. Not everything goes as planned, as some thugs and the FBI try to recover the painting and Roz gets attracted not only to the landscape.

Vinci (2004)

Borys Szyc
Robert Wieckiewicz
Jan Machulski
Kamilla Baar

A clever thief gets sprung from prison and promptly sets about devising a plan to lift Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting Lady with an Ermine from the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow, Poland. A kink turns up in his plan when he learns that his good buddy and former accomplice, Julian – vocal about his desire to participate in the theft – reveals his new occupation as a policeman. The question thus arises of whether Julian will remain loyal or betray Tsuma.