About Art Cops

ARTCOPS is a series of half-hour television programs being developed for Public Television stations throughout the United States and international distribution to Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our programs show you what’s missing, how the works were stolen, what makes them an important part of our history, why the works are worth a fortune and how you can help find them and earn the rewards.

Each year, over 7 billion dollars worth of art, jewelry and antiques are stolen from museums, galleries, libraries and homes.  Some of the thefts are insurance fraud, some are crimes of convenience, but much of it is the work of organized crime in order to fund drug deals, arm sales and terrorist activities. In terms of money, it’s the third largest crime worldwide. And hundreds of millions of dollars of reward money is waiting to be earned. A stolen work of art is a stolen piece of our history.

Interpol, the FBI, local and national police forces and private investigators are working with us to develop the programs. As soon as our first program started broadcasting we began getting leads about artworks that were missing.

The primary objective of ARTCOPS is to expose the real stories behind stolen art, to encourage everyone to get involved, to help protect our cultural heritage and to restore what has been lost.